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Services We Provide
The studio offers a variety of options when taking lessons to serve the students' individual and financial needs.

Private Lessons - offer students the best value for their investment. With a private lesson, the students will work one on one, with an instructor and concentrate
attention to their individual studies with personalized instruction and immediate compassionate correction. The student will receive positive reinforcement in their
successes and encouragement to improve their weakness through daily practice on their own time.  These lessons are designed to be personally fulfilling to the student.  
Private lessons are available for Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Brass, Woodwinds, Drum Set, Voice, Music Theory and more.  Cost for private lessons start at $85 per MONTH.

Group Classes - are designed to be an introduction to the art form and a chance for the students to become familiar with a variety of instruments, drama and art
techniques.  By learning basic skills in a 6 or 8 week session, they will be prepared to decide if they would like to concentrate their studies on one discipline or experiment
with another group class for further evaluation of the possibilities.  Cost for group lessons vary depending on the class.


                                          Musikgarten Classes are for infants - 4 years old.  These weekly classes give the caregiver and the child time to bond through
                                            music and movement.  Visit the
Musikgarten Website to learn more about the philosophy of Musikgarten.  

Building a Band - This class will teach students how to work together in a contemporary or classical group setting.  Lessons will be taught on how to practice as a
group (rock band, praise team, show band, brass quartet), how to prepare for rehearsals, how to make a music chart, how to perform on stage, how and where to
record an album, where to perform, etc.  Three students are needed for this class.  Cost is $50 per month.  

STOMP - This class offers students ways to learn rhythm on buckets, stomping in boots, with brooms, trash cans, brake drums or just about anything to create a
unique and fun group setting.  A yearly routine will be performed at the recital.  

Community Outreach  - This service is very important to Bowman Music and Creative Outlet.  Opportunities are always available year round to perform at local
celebrations, festivals, churches, schools, nursing homes and other events.  

Recording and Sound Engineering - Classes are designed to teach students how to set up a recording studio or live sound system and make quality recordings.

Creative Expressions 1 - Dive into the world of theatre! Students will be introduced to the broad spectrum of creative expression, from monologue and spoken word
to clown and pantomine. Students will showcase dramatic pieces in the recital.

Musical Theatre Performance 1 - If you like to sing, dance, and act all at the same time, this class is for you! Students will be introduced to the world of musical
theatre and work on small and large group ensemble pieces, develop original choreography, and begin to hone their "triple threat" skills.
Group Classes are offered throughout the Year
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