Our Mission
    Goals and objectives of Bowman Music and Creative Outlet.

  • Provide a performing arts studio with a warm, supportive atmosphere, based on helping people discover their
    creative gifts.
  • Provide a social and creative forum for people with diverse interests, backgrounds and ages.
  • Provide training for students at all levels of music, sound, drama and art from beginner to advanced.
  • Utilize professional musicians, sound technicians, artists, actors and others as for individual, group lessons
    and seminars.
Other Instructors
Jeff Monroe  
Audio Engineering, Recording and Mastering)
    Jeff has had a love affair with music since the
    third grade, when he first experienced the
    joys of playing piano.  Since then, Jeff’s
    creative spirit has continued to explore and
    expand innovative and unique sounds, fueled
    by an ongoing, inner passion to push the
    musical envelop. Who knew then that this
    would be the beginning of a talented musical
    career that
would span from musician to producer, from sound engineer to studio

With his fingers always busy tapping the rhythm of his favorite songs, Jeff
soon progressed to playing percussion in fifth grade, and by junior high he
was successfully performing in concert band and jazz band at Princeton
Junior High School.  In high school he was a member of  the concert band,
symphonic band, jazz band, and acapella choir. As a fourteen-year-old, Jeff’
s desire to perform launched his professional career, and he’s been
drumming his way across the U.S. and around the world ever since. At
fifteen, he played drums on his first studio session, and has since played
on hundreds of songs for independent artists.  Jeff began playing in local
bands and was featured on WEBN’s Album Projects 6 and 10. He wrote
and produced the lead off track of WBLZ’s Summer Jam ’87 album “Bing
Bop Boom.”  In 1984, Jeff  started to pursue the art of recording, starting at
Group Effort Studios in late 1989, where he became co-owner in 1991. He
has engineered and mixed hundreds of albums and songs, both locally
and nationally, including recording and producing projects for Grammy
Award winning producer Ric Wake with Wake Productions.

From 1989 through 1995, Jeff performed both locally and abroad with
Robin Lacy & DeZydeco.  Their music lead them on exciting US
Department of Defense tours of Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany,
Croatia, Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Diego
Garcia. Jeff’s sound was a natural draw, and his talent led people to
pursue him for teaching opportunities. He was an adjunct professors for
NKU’s advanced audio class during the fall of 2008. He currently helps
artists and recordists understand the principals and art of audio capture,
mixing, and mastering. He is a mastering engineer for SongMastering.com
an on-line mastering service, where he experiences great reward in
adding the final audio finish to various artist’s compositions.

When he’s not in the studio, Jeff performs with Jerry’s Little Band, Mostly
Shake and occasionally The Spookfloaters.  One of Jeff’s favorite sayings
is: “I’ve spent thousands of hours on both sides of the glass.”  As
rewarding as his professional career has been, he finds great personal
satisfaction in instructing today’s young artists and perhaps inspiring them
into becoming tomorrow’s award-winning musical entertainers.
    Pat Foxworthy has been painting for over
    40 years and has continously taken
    classes in oils, acrylics and watercolors
    at Thomas More College and with local
    artists such as Marge Schleppy, Jerry
    Bond and Michol Williamson. She still
    participates in watercolor classes, not
    only to improve her technique but also to
    keep in contact with other artist.

    Pat has shown her work in many local art
    shows and as a result has sold several
paintings.  She has also painted on commission but has also given
her paintings as gifts.  She says it is most gratifying when people tell
me they enjoy my art.

Pat has worked with students one on one and has held a summer art
class at The Musical Art Center in Cincinnati. To help others grow and
develop their artistic abilities is a rewarding and exciting experience
she says.

Pat believes that whether you become a well known artist or paint for a  
hobby, painting like music is therapy for the soul, and you can
participate all your life.
Owner-Instructor BIOS
Ron Bowman
(drums/percussion, piano, guitar and theory)
Kathy Foxworthy Bowman
(voice, piano, guitar and theory)     
    After Graduating  from ECHS in 1974, Doug
    started working on an Associate Degree in
    Mechanical Engineering at Ohio College of
    Applied Science and after one year
    transferred to Ball State University to study
    music.  Doug majored in Music education
    there and completed his Masters in
    Secondary Education at Miami University in
    1982.  He was hired at South Dearborn
Community School Corporation in 1979 where he taught Instrumental
Music Grades 5 – 12.  Now 35 Years later he is now teaching for
Bowman Music and Creative Outlet using his Music Education for
instructing students on many different instruments.
Doug Sykes
Brass, Guitar and other band instruments
Kim Leavens
    Kim started playing the piano in the 4th
    grade and has loved music ever since.  
    She was also a student of Ron Bowman
    for many years, expanding her musical
    skills and knowledge to include drums
    and percussion.  She earned a certificate
    in Piano Pedagogy from Northern
    Kentucky University in 2017, where she
    studied piano with Dr. Diana Belland.
    She also studied organ with William
    Partridge (Christ Church Cathedral, St.
    Louis, MO) and Robert Barney (Trinity
    Episcopal Church, Concord, MA). She
    was the organist/choir accompanist at
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church (Acton, MA) and is the current pianist at
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Florence, KY. She enjoys teaching
both children and adults.
    Anna Egan is a Lyric Mezzo-
    Soprano who recently graduated
    from Northern Kentucky University
    with a Bachelors of Music in Vocal
    Performance. As an
    undergraduate she was the
    Robert Knauf Scholarship
    recipient and an active member of
    the NKU Chamber Choir as well
    as the NKU Vocal Jazz ensemble.
    She has worked with graduate
    students from The College-
    Conservatory of Music at the
    University of Cincinnati as well as
    members from the Clermont
    Philharmonic Orchestra on Amahl
    and the Night Visitors as a chorus
    member. In May of 2010, she was
    the featured soloist in the
premiere of Philip Koplow’s cantata 'We Are Here!' at the National
Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. Operatic Roles
from NKU include Dorabella from Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte, Miss Todd
from Menotti's Old Maid and the Theif, and La Zelatrice from Puccini's
Suor Angelica. She has also performed selections from Die
Fledermaus as Prinz Orlofsky, The Marriage of Figaro as the
Countess, and Genie Three from Die Zauberflote as a part of the KIIS
music program in Salzburg, Austria. She has competed in the World
Choir Games in Cincinnati and the 2012 International May Choral
Competition in Varna, Bulgaria with the NKU Chamber Choir where
they earned a Gold Medal and a Silver Medal respectively. Other
Honors include 2nd and 3rd place in the 2010 and 2011 Kentucky
NATS vocal competition in her category. In high school, she was a
semi-finalist in the prestigious Overture Awards in the Vocal Music
category. This past semester she came in second place at the
National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition in the
Sophomore Women category. Outside of music, she was the 2009
Winner of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Competition for which she
received a scholarship from the English Speaking Union and
progressed on to nationals in New York City.
Anna Egan
Voice  and Piano

    Amy Kuykendall is a violin teacher
    from Cincinnati. She has been loving
    and playing violin for 20 years, and
    performs frequently as a street
    musician, at restaurants and at the
    Appalachian Festival at Coney Island.

    She enjoys being part of the
    Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra,
    and plays often at her childhood
    church. She lived overseas for two
    years on a missionary ship in
Southeast Asia whose crew worked with local churches, provided
educational and Christian books, held programs of all kinds and
did practical work to help in whatever way was needed. After years
of customer service jobs, she is so happy to be able to teach and
play for a living. Amy was home schooled and is so grateful that her
parents saw the benefit of music lessons for all their children. Even
just for personal enjoyment it is well worth the time and effort, but it
is a lifelong gift and can also become a source of income! Amy is
very indebted to Marion Peraza de Webb, her wonderful teacher
through high school and beyond who helped her reach a high level
of skill and confidence, which she in turn hopes to pass on to all
her students.
Amy has Suzuki Method teacher training and a high respect for the
Suzuki Method but also supplements with some traditional
teaching aspects. She loves teaching both children and adults, and
encourages you to go ahead and learn an instrument if it is even a
little dream in the back of your head. Talent is learned, and it's a
shame to leave it uncultivated!
Amy Kuykendall
Sean Carter
Piano, Cello and Guitar
    Sean has been teaching private lessons for
    20 years.  Sean is passionate about his
    music and wants to give his students the
    tools needed to become the best musician
    possible while fueling their love of music.  
    He follows the Russian Technique but also
    incorporates his own musical philosophy.  
    One of Sean's favorite teachers was
    Russuan teacher Luva Federov with whom
    he studied several years.  Sean attended
    Northern Ky University on Academic
    Scholarship from 1995 - 2000 and received
    his Certificate in Piano Pedagogy.  There he
    studied with Sergei Polusmiak, Merited
    Artist of Ukraine, Artis Residence at NKU
and Neyer Family Professor of Music.  After college he was excited to be
hired as music director at St Catherine's Players Community Musical
Theatre from 2003 - 2004.    He enjoys hiking, Pilates, Survivalism, and
Bartitsu.  Sean also can speak and read Russian.  Sean believes that
teaching is what he was meant to do and looks forward to finding unique
was to connect with each student.